New Camera

Posted by on February 6, 2012

Amanda and I got a new camera for Christmas this year. It is a standard canon point and shoot camera with a nice zoom. Since it is a Canon, I can install CHDK on it (ie, hack it), which then opens up a lot of new features.  Not all of the new features work well and the quality can suffer.  But it’s fun to try some new things out.

The first picture is of the moon, obviously.  The second picture was taken at night.  I set the exposure for about five minutes, which is why the stars left the trail.  There is a lot of noise in the image, as the camera is not made for long exposures. The third image is of the waterfall behind CLM Turvo.  I took it at dusk  was able to set the ISO low and increase the length of the exposure.  I took five images at varying levels of brightness (adjusting the EV) and then stitched them together to make an HDR image.

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  1. Debbie Teater

    The detail on waterfall rocks is impressive – the sheen, the moss. It’s fun for me to think about you and Abbie, in the dark, at the waterfall.

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